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I don't have much knowledge myself about Celtic music in places like Wales, Britanny or Galicia. So most of what I have here is links to the pages of people who know more than I do.

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Celtic relics
My attempts to trace tunes back through the centuries encompass Ireland, Scotland and more.

Medieval Celtic music
Interesting general information from the early music ensemble Altramar at Indiana University.

About Breton music
An introduction to Breton music by Dr. Lois Kuter, anthropologist/ethnomusicologist and secretary for the U.S. Branch of the International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language (ICDBL).

Breton folk music
A comprehensive introductory article by Stephen Winick.

The Breton harp
We did some research during a trip to Brittany, with interesting results and assorted travel tips.

Cornish Traditional Music
This site for the Cornish band Anao Atao has some background information on the traditional music of Cornwall.

The Isle of Man
Manx flag You hear a lot about Scotland and Ireland. Here's where you can get information about the third Gaelic country, the Isle of Man.

Galicia is in the north of Spain, not to be confused with another Galicia which is in Poland. Although not classed with the Celtic countries on linguistic grounds, the culture there seems to have some relationship to some of the Celtic countries. Apparently the Iberian peninsula may have been partially inhabited by Celtic-speaking peoples in pre-Roman times. At any rate, Galicia has some very nice music, and there is a page called A Música Folk e Tradicional da Galiza describing it. However, the page appears to be written in Galician. You can more or less puzzle it out if you know some other Romance language. Let me see, I bet the title means "Folk and traditional music of Galicia". (What's the difference between folk and traditional, I wonder?) I tried the Altavista language translator on this page and discovered that Portuguese works better than Spanish. But neither of them works all that well.

The Folksy Links page attempts to list all folk artists in every European country, including many from minority language groups that don't have their own spot on the map (but he has a flag for each one!). Some non-European as well.

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