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From time to time, people have complained that it is difficult to find things on this site. I can't understand this myself—it seems perfectly logical to me! But we want to keep everyone happy, so I am putting together this site map to describe the content and structure of the entire site.

Eventually this site map will be accessible from every page on the site, but it will take me a while to implement. I was thinking of using client-site image maps to do this, but unfortunately I think there are still browsers which don't support this. My philosophy is to keep things simple wherever possible, including avoiding frames.

I am trying to rationalize the page naming convention because some pages originally used a .html extension and some used a .htm extension. Now all the pages use .html and the .htm versions are empty shells left in case people have links to them. They should automatically forward to the correct page for most browsers.

The description below uses indentation and colour to show structure. Click on the name to go directly to the page. I am using nested lists to do this. I hope this won't come out too messy on various browers. You can e-mail your comments below.

Some pages also have direct links to other pages, but it would be unnecessary and too confusing to try to show this. Also, some pages have links that go to other websites. These are usually not shown.

I am afraid that this page is now somewhat out of date (2006).

Top of page; Site structure diagram; Send e-mail

Site structure diagram

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Traditional Celtic Music
Ceol na nGael

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