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Standing Stones Performance Schedule

Michael and Vicki

The following is a list of places we will be performing in public. We send this list out by e-mail to anyone who is interested, roughly once a month or less. If you would like to be placed on the e-mail list, just e-mail us and we will do so. This makes the most sense if you live in the Bay Area.

I haven't been very good at keeping this list updated, since we've mostly been doing either festivals or private events. I'll try to do better.

We also have a snail mail list, but we don't use it all that much because it is rather expensive. If you are reading this, you probably have an e-mail address, so you can go on the e-mail list.

If you live outside the Bay Area, you can go on a different list. We will only send to you if we are going to be in your area (tell us where), we are going to be on the radio in your area, or we have some other interesting announcement.

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Unfortunately, due to the increasing amount of spam we are receiving, we find it necessary to install a manual spam filter to protect ourselves from programs that automatically gather e-mail addresses from the Net. When you click to send us mail, your browser should automatically generate a blank e-mail message addressed to You need to edit this manually, removing the characters NOSPAM, before you send the message.

Celtic knotwork

The Standing Stones

We also perform with these other groups:

We host a series of house concerts at our house featuring leading performers from Scotland and Ireland. Check out the house concert schedule.

Public performances:

In Memoriam—Max
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Performances with the Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers:

Performances with Harpers' Hall:

Performances with the Collegium Musicum of San José State University:

Owing to cuts in the budget, the Collegium and all other small ensembles (West African drumming, gamelan, etc.) have been cancelled for the indefinite future. Please communicate your opinions on this development to Chancellor Reed, Pres. Caret or Gov. Davis.

This schedule last updated Tuesday, October 8, 2002.

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Traditional Celtic Music—Ceol na nGael

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