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Medieval notation We have transcribed some tunes that we play into abc notation. abc notation is a simple text-based system of musical notation that is popular among traditional musicians on-line. Free or low-cost software is available to play abc or to convert it to conventional music notation. Check Ceolas for lots of information about abc, abc software, tune files and many other interesting topics.

The file is available under two names (for two different file types). With the file type .abc , the server will send the file as Mime type "application/octet-stream" (which is normally used for binary files such as .bin or .exe). Your browser will probably not let you look at the file, instead it will want to download it.

With the file type .txt it should come as "text/plain", which should allow you to look at the file without downloading. abc software may require a file type of .abc, so you may need to change the name if you get it this way. The actual contents of the two files are identical.

Gargoyle Get the tune file--.txt type.

Gargoyle Get the tune type.

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