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Celtic Thing Every Celtic thing on the Web. Back again and more comprehensive than ever.

Celtic Earth has a large collection of topics and an annoying Javascript message.

Every Ogham thing on the Web. All there is to know about the ancient Celtic alphabet, including fonts you can download.

Kells headStrictly speaking, it's not really Celtic, but the Stone Pages are really interesting. They have a page on each of the major Neolithic monuments in Britain, and are expanding to cover all of Europe. There are some wonderful photographs as well.

San Francisco Bay area music schedules:

Lion Gargoyle South Bay Folks (folk music doings in the South Bay)

Lutenist San Francisco Bay area early music concert listings

Big-Ears Gargoyle Craic, the guide to Celtic events in Southern California.

Bay Area links

Green Man Bay Area history. (Check out the Palo Alto--The First 100 Years link for information about early Irish settlement.)

Big-Ears Gargoyle Check out the weather at the beach beach and compare it to the weather here. Worth the drive over the hill?

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