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Ordering CDs or tapes:

Where in this Wide World is available as a CD or cassette tape. The others are only available as CDs.

U.S. dollar prices:
CD $15, cassette $10 $5
Special bargain rates: 2 CDs for $25, CD and tape $20. Ask about similar bargains in other currencies. Give Fleece a Change is not included in this discount offer.
Postage and handling: $2 per item (U.S. and Canada), $5 for one item (elsewhere). Cheaper rates available when buying more than one.
California residents, we will pay the sales tax for you.

Canadian dollar prices:
CD $21, cassette $14 $5, postage and handling $3 per item (to Canada)

Sterling prices:
CD £12, cassette £8 £3, postage and handling £3.50 per item. I think I can now handle British cheques—at the moment I have an account with a very non-responsive bank. (I have to change sterling bank accounts about every two years. The bank goes out of business or raises the minimum deposit to £2000 or something. I don't know why British banks are more prone to this than those in other countries. I've had an Irish bank account for years with never a bit of trouble.)

Euro prices:
CD 15.00, cassette 10.00 5.00, postage and handling 4.00 per item.

I don't update this page regularly as exchange rates vary. You might get a bargain that way. If you feel the exchange rate is out of date, e-mail me and I might reconsider.

Other currencies:
Sorry, we are unable to accept other currencies because of the predatory conversion rates charged by U.S. banks, which are only accustomed to American Imperial currrency. (The only exception might be Australian dollars.) Meanwhile, please e-mail for other possibilities (e.g., use of holiday home on South Pacific island).
VISA cards
We might be able to do this indirectly, but we'd prefer to use Paypal.
We could probably use Paypal if you want.
Make cheques (or checks) payable to Michael Robinson.

Send to:
Please e-mail for address. Please do not use our old post office box. In the inscrutable ways of government, they have decided to give it to someone else.

Mail Send e-mail to us. Unfortunately, due to the increasing amount of spam we are receiving, we find it necessary to install a manual spam filter to protect ourselves from programs that automatically gather e-mail addresses from the Net. When you click to send us mail, your browser should automatically generate a blank e-mail message addressed to You need to edit this manually, removing the characters NOSPAM, before you send the message.

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